Friday, July 4, 2008

Oo-oh-hhh, Say Can You See??!!!??

Haley and Shanna in the Escalade..
4th of July Parade starts at Bridgeport Elementary and winds through our subdivision (Fox Hills). It's just good ol' Americana at it's best!

Lots and lots of little kids, babies, moms and dads -- on bikes, scooters, wagons, even a tractor!
Ready, set, go!!!
Eric's gang throwing candy AT the parade kids.... (he's 2nd from left sitting. )
BFF's with red and blue hair. Haley's got a Sunriver tan. Shanna's red, WHITE and blue.
Hope you all had a Happy safe 4th!

View With Caution.....

Don't say I didn't warn you....
Jenae's cheer coach just posted pictures from cheer camp.
There's this little gem of the girls with greasy hair parted weird (and tied under her chin??!!?), no makeup and sappy grins.
Oh and I do love the ear sticking out also.
I'm one proud mom indeed.

This is what she looks like tonight, just 1 week later.... Extreme Makeover concluded.

Sorry about the odd size of this picture... not sure what's up with that.

4th of July Pictures Up Next!!!! Stay Tuned!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

THE REAL Dynamic Duo....

It's not Batman and Robin after all.
The Dynamic Duo is these two cutie pies:

I am a crazy, itching fool after I shave (legs, armpits, whatever).... and these were selected from their homes on the store shelves for their pronouncement of being for "XTRA-SENSITIVE" skin (although one was for merely "SENSITIVE SKIN") ......

No false advertising!! THEY WORK!!!! No itch, no burn, no sting, and best of all -- no hair!!!!!

Just thought I'd share. Do any of you girls get itchy legs after shaving? Or is it just me??

Last Post About Eric. Ever. I Promise.

I'm very happy my 2 daughters could care less about my blog - they would give me untold amounts of grief about me favoring Eric here... In my "real" world, Eric's always doing guy things with Dad and I'm doing the girl things (cheer and volleyball, shopping, shopping, shopping) with Jenae and Shanna. But..... he's the focus of yet another pictorial.

Eric getting ready to bat - last baseball game! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!
Getting amused by something going on behind the batter.
Getting ready to come on home!!

The good news.... Eric and Hayden enjoying 11 pm bowls of cereal before hitting the sack.

This is the bad news.... The 2 of them can polish off a whole box in one round.

OK, I'm bored with Eric now. Hopefully Jenae and Shanna will get into some trouble soon that I can make fun of. There's hope --- fireworks tomorrow night!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Could One Little Thing...

... Make me so dang happy??? This little item has made my kitchen sink visits almost enjoyable! The pretty-fruity-orange color inside, the clean and simple design outside, it's made me happier than I could imagine... (Oh, OK, it's not THAT great). I'll always be able to tell when I'm close to running out -- but I suspect I'll keep it filled up pretty close to the top half or more!
Is there anything in your everyday life that makes you want to chortle with glee???

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

At Least There's No Corn In His Teeth

Eric was pretty into this piece of corn - he was just mowing away on it.
He happily gave me a corn-delirium smile, never suspecting the kernels were affixed to his face. I am evil.

A Little Sprucin' Up

When we moved into this house in Tualatin from Medford OR a year ago there were golden oak cabinets. We had them painted a just-off-white-nice-creamy-color.
This was a BIIIIG improvement, but still needed the final touches.... They aren't this white but the flash blared right out there! Now I need to de-junkify my countertop and kitchen will be a happy place.
Shanna got some new pictures for her bedroom wall to match ........
her new tres' chic bedspread!! She's got the Parisian / fashionista theme going on!
It was a productive Sunday afternoon I must say!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Nope, I Didn't

I didn't take the job, even tho just 12 hours a week, I just decided I'm going to keep my current job (homemaker extraordinaire).... Since time's running out on my time with kids at home (last year with Jenae, Eric's starting high school and Shanna's in 5th grade), I decided after much deliberation I need and want to be here!

I'm going to be starting a Friendship group with my daughter and any of her friends that want to be a part of it. I've talked with my friend Sandy in Medford for many years about doing one and Shanna's got such a great group of friends I'm ready to take it on. Sandy calls her group Balcony Girls, but that doesn't ring with me. I'm looking for suggestions! The group will be learning friendship principles (one at a time!), do a craft or recipe and just grow together! Forever Friends? Faith Friends? Goodness Girls? Help!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

You Know You're An Oregonian....

.......... When you arrive at Whole Foods with your Green bags (see 'em everywhere tho!).

Shanna was so excited to take the camera and shoot me!

If you can see the prices of organic produce here, then you can see if we pay more than you do. I am thrilled with the stores that now offer organic produce, milk and meat... not just Trader Joes and Whole Foods anymore.
It is just a joy to behold the clean array of awesome produce. This place is poppin' on Sunday afternoons so lots of people must agree.

I love it that they always have so many checkers and baggers working cuz I hate to wait! These girls were so cute and happily posed for me!

When we were leaving with our healthy groceries, Shanna got a kick out of this car and she said that she want's a "fruit car" someday. Attention-getting for sure.

Oops, STILL Can't Do Math

HaHa - My mom just informed me that I am 45, NOT 46! And I quote her - "I was there"... too funny. It turns out that I will be 46 on August 4. I suppose it's too late to get back the entire year I've missed being 45. Does anyone else have this trouble remembering their age???