Monday, June 30, 2008

Nope, I Didn't

I didn't take the job, even tho just 12 hours a week, I just decided I'm going to keep my current job (homemaker extraordinaire).... Since time's running out on my time with kids at home (last year with Jenae, Eric's starting high school and Shanna's in 5th grade), I decided after much deliberation I need and want to be here!

I'm going to be starting a Friendship group with my daughter and any of her friends that want to be a part of it. I've talked with my friend Sandy in Medford for many years about doing one and Shanna's got such a great group of friends I'm ready to take it on. Sandy calls her group Balcony Girls, but that doesn't ring with me. I'm looking for suggestions! The group will be learning friendship principles (one at a time!), do a craft or recipe and just grow together! Forever Friends? Faith Friends? Goodness Girls? Help!


Carrie T said...

Hi Karol! Thanks for visiting my blog! I used to live in Tualatin:) We're not far, in Beaverton! It's great to meet other Oregonians!

daisy said...

Oregon is one of my favorite places. I'm jealous of anyone who lives there. I may move there some day, but right now I'm stuck here in Minnesota. Which, by the way, is an okay place, too, except for the winters.

Kudos to you for staying at home...I think it really makes a difference, but it's such a tough decision to make.

And I don't know why, but the name of the restaurant you took the girls to kinda jumps out at me for your group of girls: Sweet Tomatoes. Well, I would like it, anyway, but maybe they have some ideas of their own...

Thanks for coming to hang out with me.

Alisa said...

Hi Karol! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and being the first to put their name in for the drawing.

I like what daisy said... Sweet Tomatoes. Very cute.

Rosebud said...

Hi Auntie Karol! We r commenting on the friendship thing...we like faith friends or goodness girls...Nice to see you all on here...glad you are all enjoying life there!!!