Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grain Goodness

My breadmaker has been getting quite the workout of late, two loaves were birthed today. This beautiful honey wheat bread.....
and this amazing banana bread with walnuts (lots) and chocolate chips....
The wheat bread which is just the standard honey wheat recipe from the Breadman pamphlet is very good as printed, but for a shout-out to Omega 3's I dropped in a good 1/2 cup of finely ground walnuts. Trying to get hubby's Hdl cholesterol up, and the rest of us will benefit too. I also used canola oil instead of melted butter (duh!), and subbed 1/4 c. of egg beaters for the egg. Jenae said at dinner "mom your bread is dank"! I said, "Is that good or bad"? haha
(It's good.)

First Day of Jenae's Senior Year!!

My little baby has started her last year of high school. It's something that she and I can't believe; we talked about it today after school / before cheer practice... she said that it really hasn't hit any of them yet, they kind of look around for the "older" kids, and then realize they ARE the older kids now!
I took these pictures of Karissa, Jenae and Alex after they had been at Senior Sunrise 6:00 am, then came home before school started...
Jenae drives Eric to school every day now, no more bus for him!
It's great having them both at the same school....even if just for a year.... although her guy friends came and found him today and carried him into the senior hallway and gave him a big wedgie in front of a giant group of seniors!!
The girls do love teasing Eric (and he loves it too I assure you).
Tomorrow night's the first home football game!! It will be very exciting for this mom! Eric gets to wear his Tualatin Mafia shirt for the first time and Jenae's going to be cheering on the big box right in the center! I'll post lots of pictures for sure.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

B-A-C-K TO SCHOOL ... (Happy Voice!)

Eric's first day as a bald Freshman!! Tualatin High School now has TWO Giorvas kids! I'm happy that they get a year together. Both Jenae and Eric came home today saying how cool it is to see each other all during the day. Jenae and the other seniors (yes, indeed, senior) don't start until tomorrow but she's a Packleader (freshman babysitter) so she went today too. She is doing lots of leadership things - she spoke today at the opening rally and she's in charge of the rally on Friday too. No pictures of her today but I'll get some of her tomorrow morning on her way to Senior Sunrise (watch the sun rise together on the first day, watch the sun set on the last! Cute, eh?)
Eric and Shanna getting ready to head off to 9th and 5th grades...
Shanna's in a class with two good friends, Sam-left and Maddie-right. She likes her teacher so far, but this judgment may be revised at any time..
Fun organizing all the classroom goodies!!!
I had a fabulous day of working and enjoying the solitude! Beautiful weather and sunshine and children happily nestled away at school. Priceless.