Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shanna and Morgan's Birthday

We also did a little family party for Shanna and her little cousin Morgan who just turned 3. She's my brother and sis-in-law - Greg & Jen's little girl. Morgs is verrrrrry reserved around us but she really looks up to Shanna and we all adore her!! Greg & Jenny live in Beaverton which is 15 minutes from here but we're hoping they'll move into the neighborhood soon!

Shanna's Birthday Affair

For Shanna's 10th birthday this year, I used Karissa's advice - and took her group of friends out to the salon for makeup, hair and nails! It was a long couple of hours, but they really enjoyed it. They bonded over girl time and I could tell they felt very "adult". They acted completely different than they did at our valentines day party only 4 months ago.

After beautification, Jenae and her friends Karissa and Alex joined us at Penney's for a PHOTO SHOOT! Lots of great shots! I ordered some for everyone.... so hang in there. After a tiring model session we ended up at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Everyone was looking at the 12 beautiful girls I had with me. It was an awesome, special birthday for sure.

Haley getting her nails done after the hair and make-up.

Shanna's nails getting done after hair and make-up.

Too bad you can't really see those eyelashes.

Sam getting her hair done.

Shanna getting the war-paint on.

Maddie wasn't too sure about the whole process!

Gabi in background and Sarah in foreground endured lots of curling iron time.

The final product - Top: Haley, Gabi, Jordan, Middle: Alexa, Shanna, Sarah, Bottom: Sam, Riley, Maddie.

Alex, Jenae and Karissa

The girls in a group shot - we'll never see them like this again until Junior Prom!

Shanna and Haley took some "love" shots.

Eric and his friends want to do the make-over party for his 15th in October.



A couple weekends ago our town held a festival on the commons by the lake... there was literally a booth for every type of kid activity you've ever or never heard of! A great time for families with little kids to start signing up for activities they might be interested in. TuHS cheerleaders came as ambassadors and Shanna and her friends enjoyed playing around.

Varsity squad taken by Coach Coyle.
Varsity being introduced at the festival. The Mayor has a daughter on JV so there will be lots of perks this year I think!

Shanna and Haley in the sun.
Shanna's friends Maddie, Gabi, Haley and her little bro Blake.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. Boy (Our New Baby)

To be fair, I needed to add him in here and introduce him as well. Our much-loved friends Bob and Cindy bequeathed him to us when they became dearly departed Hawaiians!!!! The couple we played Hand And Foot with 2 or 3 times a week for 20 years have also moved from the Rogue Valley. Bob's retired from the fire dept. and has a job as a manager of a condo complex on Oahu. We'll be visiting them every few months and I'll show pictures of the new place. We're going to be their FIRST guests in a few weeks! Thanks Bob and Cindy for years of "lettin' the good times roll" (Cindy would say it in French if she were here).... and for Mr. Boy.

My Little Tiny Baby Girl is 10 Now

Yes, Shanna's got the braces on to close up the family front-teeth gap we all have had.

Shanna will kill me when she sees I've let her secret about her blankie out.

And here she is - getting out of 4th grade! On to 5th grade and her last year at Bridgeport Elementary School... how amazing is that??

Why I Love Tide

Eric spends more time horizontal than vertical and he loves it that way.

Busy Day

Jenae's Team Competed at Oregon State University today... well, they got evaluated by NCA judges ....

Jenae accepted the trophy for her squad as the varsity captain (even tho her coach doesn't use the term captain, she calls her squad Leader)... They got Top Team!!

They were flipping crazy!!! This was Jenae's last cheer camp... she's a Senior this year.. She was one of 6 (or 7?) named as All-American cheerleaders on the last day!! Way to go Jenae!