Friday, July 25, 2008

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow - NOT.

We took Jenae and Eric to the Portland airport for their big first trip alone together! They're going to spend 5 days in Huntington Beach Cali with my dad and step-mom. It's the world series of surfing this weekend and Eric's crazy for surfing! Jenae will just hang out at the beach and shop with Grandma Laura. They're also going to spend a long day at Disneyland by themselves, that will be a big occasion - no supervision!!

It's interesting that when I had my little babies I couldn't imagine an hour without him or her. Then when they started getting close to school age I couldn't imagine how I was going to make it 4 WHOLE HOURS without him or her. Then the first time they spent the night at someone's house - how long the evening was! Now that my 2 oldest kids are high schoolers (senior and freshman) I look forward to them out of the house and some ALONE TIME!!! The two of them are never here without at least 1 other body. Jenae usually has her 3 closest girlfriends with her at all times and Eric has the neighborhood boys and his 2 good friends that live a few blocks away. We stash them in all parts of the house for guitar hero, Wii, etc. -- the garage, the living room, the family room, etc. and we retreat to our bedroom for quiet! In just 4 more years it will be relatively peaceful with only Shanna at home. I love the kids and their friends and I know they're safe when they're here at home but I'm going to enjoy the next 4 days for all it's worth!