Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Post About Eric. Ever. I Promise.

I'm very happy my 2 daughters could care less about my blog - they would give me untold amounts of grief about me favoring Eric here... In my "real" world, Eric's always doing guy things with Dad and I'm doing the girl things (cheer and volleyball, shopping, shopping, shopping) with Jenae and Shanna. But..... he's the focus of yet another pictorial.

Eric getting ready to bat - last baseball game! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!
Getting amused by something going on behind the batter.
Getting ready to come on home!!

The good news.... Eric and Hayden enjoying 11 pm bowls of cereal before hitting the sack.

This is the bad news.... The 2 of them can polish off a whole box in one round.

OK, I'm bored with Eric now. Hopefully Jenae and Shanna will get into some trouble soon that I can make fun of. There's hope --- fireworks tomorrow night!!!


Tam said...

Hi stopped by your blog to thank you for the comment on MINE. I think this is funny...the last post ever about I have two boys and I always worry about favoring the one or the other..LOL

Joy said...

My boys love to eat all of the cereal too! It's always on the grocery list, no matter how much I think I've stocked up.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a terrific fourth of July weekend.

Natasha said...

This is a cute post-

Thanks for visiting me as well- I looked about for an e-mail but to no avail. I actually live in MN but love Oregon if that counts. We lived 8 yrs in Wa.

maggiegracecreates said...

thank you for leaving a comment at maggiegracecreates.

I'll be back to visit you again - hope that is a joke about being the last post about eric.

My kids are so important to me and if you visit again you will find that you never know what todays topic could be.

aka maggiegrace

linda t said...

Aaah, boys and their beloved cereal.
My oldest is 26 and married and still gets a thrill out of opening birthday gifts of some fun, new cereal!