Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oops, STILL Can't Do Math

HaHa - My mom just informed me that I am 45, NOT 46! And I quote her - "I was there"... too funny. It turns out that I will be 46 on August 4. I suppose it's too late to get back the entire year I've missed being 45. Does anyone else have this trouble remembering their age???


Susan said...

Well all I can say is, this one might be familial too! I spent all of last year saying I was 36, and didn't realize (when my husband overheard me once and advised me of my ignorance)I'd wasted the entire year of being 35 saying I was 36!!!! So, I turned 36 this January, and now I say I'm 35 :)I figure I'm owed lost time at 35 after all. More recently I told our couples Bible study group we'd be married 15 years this fall, when in fact, it's already been 15, and it will be 16. I'm NOT living that one down yet! Oh dear, will the math humiliation ever end??? -Susan, (totally feeling her big sister's pain on that one!)

Karol said...

Well, yes, we know it's an inherited trait (gosh, thanks mom!)... I'm just glad to know someone else besides me is a dim bulb!