Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Introducing...HEADS-UP GIRLS!

It's official... I've finally started a girl's friendship group! My longtime friend Sandy (at Reluctant Entertainer) has been prodding me to start a group for Shanna and friends since Shanna was in 1st grade! She's in 5th and I'm finally feeling like I could give it a try... Sandy's called her group Balcony Girls and previously God's Girls and FaithGirlz, we're calling our group Heads-Up Girls.
Heads-Up is significant because it could mean keeping your chin up and not being down, looking towards heaven for guidance, being aware (like "heads up!!!!!), and just sounds like a great motto for having healthy self-esteem.

This is Gabi, Gabi's mom - Anne, and Shanna chatting over cookies and milk..
We moved to the family room after coloring scarecrows... the girls snuggled up on couches with blankies to listen as Miss Anne shared with them about the differences between a clique and a group of people who share a common interest(s)..

Jordan, Haley and Sam were taking notes and listening and participating and learning!

Anne did such a fantastic job at giving the girls a fun exercise to do and I actually had some thinking to do about being inclusive, being friendly and not getting caught up in being exclusive.

She's going to be our guest speaker quite a bit I think!

Haley and Jo at the cookie table!

This is Bonnie, she's one of the coaches helping me each week, she'll be working with the girls on their scripture memory verse...

And then there's Mary Anne, Haley's "Noni", who was an elementary teacher for 25 years! She'll be the "link" to talking to little girls and also will be the crafts guru... I'm so excited and blessed to have this support for our girls.

Next time we're looking forward to a couple girls who are still taking an after-school art class joining us... Lots of great topics to talk about this year!


Michelle said...

Hey Karol!

Thanks for vising my blog. :) We are definitely neighbors. Well, as of this weekend I will be in West Linn. That would be pretty funny if we were after the same things on Craigslist. I find just great things on there and find I can't stop! :) Kinda like eBay.

Michelle :)

Kelli said...

What a great group you started and I know everyone will have a fun time together!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, I will be back to visit you for sure :)
I wish I would of done something like this when my girls were young ....

Dee Light said...

Love that your starting your own group:) 5th grade is a great age to start. They really need support and encouragement!!

sister sheri said...

What a wonderful idea! Good for you!

Nathalie Thompson said...

What a great group you gals have! Hmm, I would have liked to have heard what the difference is between a clique and just a healthy group of girls with a common interest-- so I can teach my own daughter AND not fall into bad cliquey habits myself! Bless you for shining a light in your daughter's life that way.