Monday, November 3, 2008

BLAZERS Opening Night!!!

Trailblazer Mania this past weekend! Hubby and I went to opening night at the Rose Garden... so awesome!!! Blazers won by 1 point -- sooo exciting! Earth Wind and Fire was the opening act, playing as the Blazers came out... They sounded fantastic and just like you would remember.

OK, so this time we had Lexus Club Level seats, Hubby and Eric love these seats because of the "free" food and buffet that comes with the seats. Literally anything and everything you could want to eat and should NOT eat is up for grabs. And grab I did. Everyone was loaded up with candy, hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, cookies, drinks and the great buffet food.. there was a taco bar, roast beef and roast turkey and great salads and grilled vegies.
Oh, yes and free hats and posters and bumper stickers. I'm wearing 2 hats because my arms are full.
Blazer stunt team and Blazer dancers are so fun to watch... super-human!

I was shocked that my husband would jump right into the group of girls and swing his arm around one and say "TAKE MY PICTURE!".. Notice all the timid souls just content to look on (probably with major jealousy).

Oh wait! If one Blazer cheerleader is good, then TWO WOULD BE GREAT!!!

And if that weren't enough, who should walk right by us as we were going to sit down, but Jerome Kersey! Next to Clyde "TheGlide" Drexler, Jerome was always our favorite player back in the 90's! What a handsome and gracious man he was... they were shaking hands but I boobed up the picture darn it!

Oh yeah, and the Blazers did play and we did watch and yell and scream and make fun of drunks. A good time. Going back this weekend to watch them play the Minnesota Timberwolves and Kevin Love visiting his hometown. I'm anxious to see how Oregon folks will treat K-Love who went off to UCLA instead of staying here. (He only went one year and then turned pro this year so what d does it matter??)