Monday, August 25, 2008

Waikiki To Visit The Sharps

Eric and Shanna were really great together on this trip to visit Bob and Cindy.

This is Cindy with a little Japanese lady at the Food Court at Mauna Loa center. She spoke verrry little English, and we couldn't understand what she would say to us... the words would just get more and more emphatic and harder to understand! She wanted me to give her either my camera or a picture of her but I couldn't do either. I think she got mad.
The food court was crazy busy and we were lucky to get 3 seats together.
Eric wading in the water by Bob and Cindy's house.
Bob - looks like he walks on water. He does not.
Shanna at Waikiki Beach.
We had such a great time visiting with the Sharps, they were great hosts to us. We ate out at several restaurants, some better than others - haha, and played cards every night. Their condo is nice and clean, freshly painted with Cindy's artistic decorating ability... very oriental. Bob's working hard as the resident manager over all 64 condos... it's too much for a retired firefighter in my opinion! Thanks again guys, we'll be back in a couple months!