Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Been Quiet Around Here...

With Shanna gone to visit our friends Byron and Sarah's little girl Caitlin. We met up with them at PF Chang's at Bridgeport Village on Sunday, had a great visit, then off they went!

Caitlin on left and Shanna - so happy to see each other after a year!
Our dear friends Byron and Sarah, we miss going to movies with them every weekend!
The girls hamming it up....
Karol and Sarah, bff's of course! Byron and Sarah's daughter Megan and son-in-Law Andy.. They're moving up here in a month! yayayayay!!!!
After lunch, the kids played in a radio contest promo game.... Andy won a gift certificate at UnderUForMen - haha...

Getting sticky with it....
Caitlin and Megan - twins much???
After saying our goodbyes I met my mom who had my brother Greg and wife Jen's little girl, Morgan with her.... we went to Ross and had a fun time with her. I believe my mom (Nana) was told NOT to purchase any toys for Morgs but we had to bribe her to get her into the cart!! Sorry Greg and Jen..... btw, my name is "Auntie Teerol".
It's been good for Shanna to be away with her friend, but I'm anxious to go get her tomorrow!!


Tammy said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog today. My dad is Greek so my maiden name has a bunch of vowels, but ends in -tou. I have a friend who refers to me as "papadopolous" . LOL

I LOVE P.F. Changs!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is always so nice to meet new bloggers! You have a nice, happy looking family!

Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend Holiday! ~Rhonda :)

a portland granny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have several blogging friends here in Oregon. I will post them when I have more time. Just got back from Manzanita. I'm ticked with google as I left two posts that should have been posted while I was gone, so I have to figure out what is going on.

Sounds like you have a fun family life and your children are good ages!! Lots of fun, and lots of places to go with them.

I'll return with some websites for you in a day or two.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Just Between Us Girls said...

Looks like a good time had by all. Wonderful to see photographs of family and friends enjoying each others company. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Please come again soon.