Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shanna's Birthday Affair

For Shanna's 10th birthday this year, I used Karissa's advice - and took her group of friends out to the salon for makeup, hair and nails! It was a long couple of hours, but they really enjoyed it. They bonded over girl time and I could tell they felt very "adult". They acted completely different than they did at our valentines day party only 4 months ago.

After beautification, Jenae and her friends Karissa and Alex joined us at Penney's for a PHOTO SHOOT! Lots of great shots! I ordered some for everyone.... so hang in there. After a tiring model session we ended up at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Everyone was looking at the 12 beautiful girls I had with me. It was an awesome, special birthday for sure.

Haley getting her nails done after the hair and make-up.

Shanna's nails getting done after hair and make-up.

Too bad you can't really see those eyelashes.

Sam getting her hair done.

Shanna getting the war-paint on.

Maddie wasn't too sure about the whole process!

Gabi in background and Sarah in foreground endured lots of curling iron time.

The final product - Top: Haley, Gabi, Jordan, Middle: Alexa, Shanna, Sarah, Bottom: Sam, Riley, Maddie.

Alex, Jenae and Karissa

The girls in a group shot - we'll never see them like this again until Junior Prom!

Shanna and Haley took some "love" shots.

Eric and his friends want to do the make-over party for his 15th in October.